Doppstadt SM 620 Trommel

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One of our finest pieces of machinery is the Doppstadt SM 520 Trommel. Why? Because the machine is renowned worldwide for both its versatility in practicality and function as well as it’s exceptional throughout capacity. Be sure to check out this if you want to see an overall improvement in business efficiency and cost saving too.

Screening most hard materials can be completed by the rotating drum with varied media options in terms of size, design and aperture. With help from the modular principle, the machine can be equipped with an array of options to meet your requirements.

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PPM Ltd Recycling Equipment Hire Line

With a feeding volume of 5m3 and 3.78m feeding with, just a quick glance at this Doppstadt SM620 Trommel is enough to get you excited. Even more excited if you think about the possibilities this machine can give you.

So, it goes without saying that this 2-axle-trailer can pretty much handle large amounts of any materials. Whether it is domestic, construction waste or compost, wood chips, bark earths and much more – it’s not test for this machine.

The Doppstadt SM 620 Trommel is constructed for two-fraction screening. Bear in mind, however, that the machine can also produce up to three fractions during a single process with the addition of a coarse grating.

The screening of difficult materials is easily processed by the rotating drum with various media options in terms of design, aperture and size. Also, this trommel boasts a patented, load-sensing material feed which allows for optimum utilisation of large screening surface 28.1m2.

Product Data Sheet (PDF)


PPM Ltd Recycling Equipment Hire Line
User friendly operation via remote control

Maintenance friendly design

Self-cleaning drum

Direct Drive by robust double sprocket

-10 Min set-up time

Economic fuel consumption

Fast changing system for screening unit

Load sensing control for optimised screening results

Large 5m3 feeding hopper.

Low feeding height of 2.9m


PPM Ltd Recycling Equipment Hire Line